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Steam Rooms/Hammams

Ki LIFE Steam Bath has a solid bearing structure with a robust stratigraphy, which is certified for nautical use (I.M.O.) and allows a reliable thermal insulation. The possibilities of internal shapes and fittings are endless. Even cladding can be customised choosing between marbles, Ecomalta, Kerlite, stoneware, mosaic or Corian®. The result is a perfect product to offer absolutely unique experiences.


What is a Steam Room or Hammam?

The Steam room is an ancient way of relaxing and purifying the skin. It takes place in a closed cabin saturated with water steam (100% humidity) which forms a stratified temperature mist (from 20/25 ° C at the level of the feet to 40/50 ° C at the height of the head). The steam raises body temperature fostering skin transpiration.

Steam Room / Hammam Benefits

The aromatized steam has a decongestant action on the respiratory level. Moreover, thanks to the warmth of the cabin, the skin is purified by getting rid of toxins. This treatment, combined with the action of perfumes and chromotherapy, brings a general psycho-physical relaxation.