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This high-level product is completely built in-house, focusing on comfort and safety. Thanks to our flexibility, each sauna is unique and can be tailor made according to customer needs.

Ki LIFE cabins are produced with selected natural woods and the insulation is made with natural hemp fibre, which favours the correct maintenance of temperature and humidity.


What is a sauna?

The word sauna is an ancient Finnish word that identified a winter residence in which, to have a feeling of greater warmth, steam was produced by throwing water on stones heated on the fire until it became hot. The sauna is therefore a bath of very hot and dry air (80-100 ° C) which is carried out in a closed environment made of wood.

Sauna Benefits

The most immediate benefit you receive is relief from nervous tension and general relaxation: the enveloping heat of the sauna relaxes the muscles and joints, abundant sweating eliminates impurities and removes the layer of dead cells.