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Hydromassage Pools

Ki LIFE hydromassage pools are conceived both for private and professional use and they can be customised with a great variety of shapes and finishes. Thanks to the low weight construction material and the possibility of creating tailor-made accessories as steps, benches or loungers, these pools are extremely flexible products.

Hydromassage chaiselongues and seats, cervical waterfalls and geysers are just some of the water effects that you can find in our pools. The external structure can be created with customized lighting or structural glazing.

The systems comply with UNI standard and they can be customised according to the required functions.

What is a Hot tub?

The word Spa stands for “Salus Per Aquam”, so water is really essential for your wellenss. Hot tubs are the basic element of each spa program. A hot tube can be built in any shape and size, but it is thanks to the study of the specific jets position and water pressure, that the blood circulation is stimulated.

Hot tubs Benefits

Water gives the body a lightness feeling. The small air bubbles combined with a continuous flow of water compress the tissues so as to have a beneficial action on the blood vessels helping the liquids drainage and lightening legs and arms fatigue feeling. The hot water at 30/31 ° helps to improve the psychophysical state.