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Technology and aesthetics are at the core of our shower systems.

Ki LIFE experience showers are built in-house, allowing complete customisation. They can have just shower heads and techniques, or be fully equipped with structure (floor with drain, walls, ceiling, door where needed etc.) and electrical / hydraulic system for the management of various effects with different water temperatures, chromotherapy and aromas.

The showerhead are fully personalisable in shapes and finishes.


What is an Experience Shower?

It is a shower or a shower path, which with water at different temperatures and intensities, passing from tropical effects up to the nebulization, give a particular experience. An aromatized cold fog, hot and cold jets at different heights (legs, glutes, back, neck), rains or waterfalls, continuously stimulate in different ways the body during the path.

Experience Shower Benefits

Combining a jet of hot or cold water with a mix of other jets at different temperatures stimulates the blood circulation and cools the body off between warm treatments. The light color changes, the carefully chosen aromas and the background music stimulates the general feeling of well-being.

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