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In the salt room, our modern technology combined with a breathtaking scenery stimulates all the senses: the beauty of the colors of pure Himalayan salt is combined with a heated environment. KiLife uses salt in all its forms: from bricks to be placed on scenographic walls, to grains, which, when heated, are excellent for a purifying and toning scrub. While the salt creates a pleasant sight, the technology helps to heat the environment to release all the beneficial properties of salt ions.

What is a Salt Room?

It can be a space of any shape or size, whose walls are covered with Himalayan salt which then impregnates the air. This cabin can be used for a saline therapy also known as halotherapy: a spa treatment that offers much more than just relaxation.

Salt room Benefits

Due to its infinite properties the salt was called white gold. Today we benefit from its healing powers every time we go to the sea and breathe sea salt or we absorb the principles while swimming. The main benefits of the salt room involve both the respiratory tract and the skin.