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It is an alternated path of hot and cold pools, with LED lights, blue for cold water and red for hot water. A cold reaction is always necessary for the restoration of physiological conditions after warmer treatments, especially after exposure to the intense heat of saunas.


What is a Kneipp Path?

It is a hydrotherapy spa treatment in which hot and cold water is aletrnated from the knee down. The treatment follows a precise procedure that begins with the hot water tanks at about 32 ° C, then continues with a warm-cold alternation that ends with cold water at about 20 ° C. Ki Life interprets the Kneipp path with two different versions: the first with real tanks, with the most efficient recirculation and filtration treatments, as well as heating and cooling water systems; the second recreates the Kneipp experience through hot and cold lateral water jets that stimulate the circulation.

Kneipp Path Benefits

The thermal shock caused by the different water temperatures stimulates the circulatory system and the immune system. Specifically, hot water gives the body a pleasant feeling of relaxation, while the approach with cold water tones and invigorates the body.