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Relaxation Rooms

The central element of each spa is the Relaxation Room. This is the moment in which you can enjoy the all the spa programs benefits, thanks to mix of lights, colors, scents and sounds. The most important part of a relaxation room is a comfortable and enveloping lounger.
For this reason KiLife creates high-level relaxation areas by offering ergonomic and comfortable chaise-longues, certified according to the UNI 9175 fireproof hotel standard.

What is a Relaxation Room?

A Relaxation Room is considered one of the most important areas of the spa. The programs created through saunas and hammams or steam rooms, must include moments of rest to normalize blood pressure and recover lost fluids.

Relaxation Room Benefits

The loungers are the central element of the Relaxation Room. KiLife loungers have an ergonomic and comfortable seat, designed to keep the legs at the same level of the heart so as to facilitate the restoration of blood circulation. Aromatherapy and chromotherapy contribute to creating a feeling of general relaxation between one treatment and another.